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New account no access to ciapipreprod

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I opened a live City Index account, I can access https://ciapi.cityindex.com/TradingApi/session , but https://ciapipreprod.cityindextest9.co.uk/TradingApi/session returns

{"AdditionalInfo":null,"StatusCode":2,"HttpStatus":401,"ErrorMessage":"Sorry, your login has failed|This is because your login credentials do not match our records.","ErrorCode":4010}

I used the same user name and password for both environments, am I doing something wrong?

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An account in one environment cannot be used in the other environment. In your case, the Live account only works in the Live environment, and is unrecognised in Pre-Production. Nowadays, the Pre-Production environment is reserved for internal use only.

For testing purposes, you can quickly apply for a demo account that is used in the Live environment at: https://www.cityindex.co.uk/demo-account/.

This way, you will not risk real money during development and testing through the API. 

Kind Regards, PM


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