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Two factor authentication

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Hello! I currently have a Demo account on Forex.com. Is there an option to have 2FA enabled while Sign-up for a real and demo account? Can enable 2FA later? Are there API calls to handle 2FA?

Another question: Can I still use ValidateSession API call to validate the current session ID, before making any further api calls? I am asking this because I understood that ValidateSesion will be deprecated soon. 



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2FA functionality has not yet been rolled out on FOREX.com yet, although there are plans to do so in the future.

There are 2FA API calls to handle this, but since 2FA is not yet publicly rolled out the information is not yet in the API documentation. When 2FA is rolled out, the information will also be added to the API documentation at that time. 

You can continue to use the ValidateSession API call - the call itself is NOT being deprecated. It is the CI Connect feature which used the ValidateSession call that is discontinued, not the call itself. 

Kind Regards, PM

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