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How to get User's Portfolio information

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I am supposed to show in a table, all the Portfolio info related to a user- (Market Name, Current price, Price_paid_by_user , Profit/loss). Is there an API call to show the Investment Profile?

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Hi Amruta,

Use the ListOpenPositions call initially to obtain the list of all open positions in the account. Subscribe to the Lighstreamer ClientAccountMargin stream for live updating P&L information for the account as an aggregate total. Subscribe to the TradeMargin stream for live updating individual P&L of each open position.

Similarly, for the current market price, subscribe to the Prices stream.

Cordially, PM 

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The GerLatestPriceTicks call retrieves historic price ticks up to the current time when you make the call. It does not give live updating prices for a market - you will have to subscribe to the Lightstreamer price stream for that market for live updating prices. 

Kind Regards, PM

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