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Can order stream update contain the same message twice?

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Hi PM,

I have noticed a intermittent issue, it may be a bug i may have introduced my end but just wanted to confirm the following:

When opening a trade with a stop/ limit order attached, can the same opened trade stream message come more than once? If so which properties could differ?

Also can you confirm the difference between OriginalLastChangedDateTime is the actual opening time of the order. and LastChangedTime is the most recent changed to time of an attached order or change to the order it self?


Kind regards,




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Hi Kush,

It appears you are asking about the Order stream messages you receive when you place a trade with stop/limit attached?

No, you should not receive more than one message about the trade you place from the order stream when you place the trade. Are you seeing more than one message from the API Order stream itself, or is it your event handler that is firing off more than once?

One bug that can lead to more than one message arriving from the stream is if you have accidentally subscribed to the stream more than once. 

Kind Regards, PM

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