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FOREX Spot marketids

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I have an account with CityIndex and I've been using the REST API for a few months now for spreadbetting FOREX. If I'm not mistaken cityindex offers metatrader 4 accounts which allow you trade spot FOREX (by spot I mean the actual underlying product, NOT a derivative, typically CFD or spreadbet or option, future, whatever).

I am wondering - am I able to trade spot FOREX with the API? I can see that when I search (although this depends a bit on whether I am using the API demo/testing or my live account) for some pair... e.g. searching for EUR USD, I get a lot of results, not just 3 (normal CFD, CFD per 0.0001, spreadbet DFT). I'm not talking about options. I was wondering if any of these were spot FX and how I could identify them?

Or just in general... is spot FOREX available to be traded on the API?

Thanks for any input,


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Hi Kostas,

All markets that are available to your account can be traded through the API. Spot FX markets have no suffix after the name, whereas CFDs, Spreadbet and Options versions will have a suffix such as DFT, <month> CFD, per 0.0001 CFD etc.

In the screenshot below the EUR/USD market highlighted in red has no suffix and is the Spot FX market. If you can see these markets using one of our trading platforms you can trade them via the API. 



Kind Regards, PM

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Are you using a test account when you see the multiple versions of the Spot FX market? It's possible that you were given an internal test account, which shows all variants of markets that are available to different brands. EG. City Index version, Forex.com version etc.

When you use your live account you should see only the one Spot FX market - the City Index one in your case.

You can login to your live account on any of our trading platforms and lookup the MarketID for the Spot FX market you want to trade. You can then use this MarketID in your API calls to trade the Spot FX market. Hope that helps.

Kind Regards, PM

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