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Error Market specification blocked for account operator

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I started using the REST API, i manage to log in, but i keep getting the order status reason "Market specification blocked for account operator." when trying to trade. Any hints/ideas what might be the problem?


Thanks in advance!

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Which call are you attempting to make that is generating the error? Can you paste in the JSON you are attempting to send?

At a guess, it appears you are sending in a MarketID in whichever call you are using that is not available to you. For example, if you are a Forex.com client and you are attempting to trade a market for another one of our brands.

I can look into it further once I hear back from you.

Kind Regards, PM

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You are right, the code was used earlier to trade with a different brand. I was not aware that the market IDs are different. This is probably the issue. I'll fix the IDs and try again.

Thanks for the speedy help!

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