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Get live prices EUR/USD on my site

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Please show me the insertion code which I can display on my website quotation EURUSD 

There is not a single mention in the entire forum how to do this!

NOT WORK https://www.lightstreamer.com/repo/distros/Lightstreamer_Allegro-Presto-Vivace_5_1_2_Colosseo_20140722.zip%23/Lightstreamer/pages/demos/StockListDemo_Basic/


Live Environment - NOT WORK

GCAPI - https://ciapi.cityindex.com/tradingapi/

Live Prices Streaming - https://push.cityindex.com/


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Reading your post, it seems that you are trying to display our live streaming EURUSD market price on your website? 

Our API is not designed to be used in that way, which is why there is no mention of it in our documentation or this forum. The API is for our trading clients to receive streaming market prices, place trades/orders and manage their positions.

If I have mis-read your original query, please clarify as to what you are attempting to do and I can look into it for you.

Kind Regards, PM


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