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Hi, i'm placing the following order:

Request data
{'Applicability': None,
 'AutoRollover': True,
 'BidPrice': 1.1718,
 'Currency': u'USD',
 'Direction': 'buy',
 'ExpiryDateTimeUTC': None,
 'ExpiryDateTimeUTCDate': None,
 'IfDone': [],
 'LastChangedDateTimeUTC': None,
 'LastChangedDateTimeUTCDate': None,
 'MarketId': 401484347,
 'MarketName': u'EUR/USD',
 'OcoOrder': None,
 'OfferPrice': 1.1717,
 'OrderId': 0,
 'PositionMethodId': 2,
 'PriceTolerance': 1000,
 'Quantity': 1000.0,
 'QuoteId': None,
 'Reference': 'GCAPI',
 'Status': 'Triggered',
 'TradingAccountId': 401384628,
 'TriggerPrice': None,
 'Type': None,
 'isTrade': True}

And i Got

{'info': {u'Actions': [],
          'Direction': 'buy',
          u'ErrorMessage': None,
          u'OrderId': 0,
          u'Orders': [],
          u'Quote': None,
          u'Status': 4,
          u'StatusReason': 114},
 'status': True}

Status 4, reason 114. 

Can you explain the reason for the cancellation?.

This and reds.

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Hi jclar,

As your demo account is on the Forex.com US brand and the brand is NFA regulated, the NFA FIFO (first in first out) restrictions apply. 

Your request contains 'PositionMethodId': 2 which corresponds to trading in a long and short manner (non-FIFO). Please try using 'PositionMethodId': 1 in your request and let us know if you still have a problem.


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