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TradeMargin stream taking up to a minute to provide an update

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I have a list of open trades and I would like to provide the user with the PnL. To get the latest PnL I am connecting to TradeMargin stream. 

Issue 1: I understand there is throttle on how often these update, however can you tell me how often this is? I have used mode, MERGE and DISTINCT so far.

Issue 2: When I was using MERGE only the latest open trade was returned. 

I am using the Lightstreamer.DotNet.Cient v3.1.6640.22649

Can you please advise which mode I should be using to provide the best user experience?

Kind regards,



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Hi Kush,

1) Depending upon which brand (account operator) your account belongs, the TradeMargin PnL stream updates from once every second through to once every 30 seconds. Should you require realtime updates, your front-end code will have to compute the PnL from the incoming price ticks. 

2) Section 3.2 from page 18 onwards of the attached Lightstreamer General Concepts.pdf describes the different modes. Essentially, you should use DISTINCT (receive only the fields which have been updated) or RAW (which gives you everything).

Kind Regards, PM

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