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Python client for lightstreamer

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Hi there,


for my very limited development purposes (running scripts for download of recent prices for one single currency pair of choice and then placing a trade) I see different approaches for a simple solution of the streaming part of the API.


After exploring different resources in an attempt to avoid reinventing the wheel, it seems to me that a simple python client such as



which is discussed at 



would be a perfect starting point but I thought I post here before getting started:


Does anyone know of an implementation along the lines of the code referenced above for Cityindex?


Thanks so much!



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Hi there PM!


I will definitely post the code once I have it working. In the meantime, I received a response on the lightstreamer forum that is a good basis to get started.


Here is one thing for which your input would be incredibly helpful:


If you have a chance, please take a look at post #24 in  http://forums.lightstreamer.com/showthread.php?4737-Python-client-for-lightstreamer .


Here is a copy of the two pieces of code there:

lightstreamer_client = LSClient(base_url="https://push.cityindex.com/", user="<your user name>", password="<your security token>", adapter_set="CITYINDEXSTREAMINGDEFAULTPRICES")  


# Making a new Subscription to "PRICES" Data Adapter  
subscription = Subscription(  
    fields=["MarketId", "TickDate", "Bid", "Offer", "Price"]  
# A simple function acting as a Subscription listener  
def on_item_update(item_update):  
    print("{MarketId}, {TickDate}, {Bid}, {Offer}, {Price}".format(**item_update["values"]))  
# Adding the "on_item_update" function to Subscription  

What I had before was pretty close, but I was getting an error message because I didn't have the fields in the subscription right. Now I can connect and disconnect, but I don't see any prices printed to my screen.


I use the session_id of a valid session as password.




Also, I changed the items value to  the market_id of EURUSD, which is 154290.


Thanks much for your help - I may be missing some parts of the documentation where the above questions are answered, if so, it would be great if you could provide pointers.





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Hello PM,


I believe I am getting close. For the subscription, I am getting an error message if I choose meaningless values for adapter or mode. If I set those to PRICES and MERGE, respectively, it seems like I can subscribe and unsubscribe, but there is something that seems suspicious...I can choose some random value for item, say "mycurrencyid" and still "subscribe" and unsubscribe and get no error message. I will see if the lightstreamer forum might help with this.



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Hi there - making progress and having fun. With the help of support from the lightstreamer side, i got both, a bare-bones command line version as well as a modified python script working for streaming data from Cityindex. Please see  http://forums.lightstreamer.com/showthread.php?4737-Python-client-for-lightstreamer/page4 .


Of course I have a question related to trades now as I am moving on, but I will post that on a different thread or start a new one. Thanks!

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Hello Physcisman, Socalwill,


Just wondering if there was a python library available now for streaming City Index prices? Or if its best to use the Lightstreamer stock-list demo and edit it?

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Hello Garstonman,


There isn't a Python library that I'm aware of unfortunately - we've not been working on one. It's probably easiest to modify / edit the Lighstreamer one and go from there.




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