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  1. Hello I am trying to understand news streaming from the documentation. I have streaming working for things like prices and orders etc but news seems to be an issue. As i understand it NEWS.HEADLINES.{category} such as NEWS.HEADLINES.UK should stream news from the UK except the docs says that that stream is a mock stream? If it is a mock stream, then what exactly is a valid category according to the docs? The problem is that they talk about a source as well as a category, and mention valid prefixes such as UK,AUS, and FX, dj, mni but i haven't yet managed to receive any news at all? What would a total channel string for uk news from reuters actually be? Thanks
  2. PhysicsMan, I am moving from oanda to forex.com. oanda did not require BidPrice, OfferPrice and AuditID to place trades. is there a work around for the BidPrice, OfferPriceand and AuditID fields? as a last step in my process, is there a way to do a direct http call to the streaming api (or tickhistory or other) to get those three fields and immediately place the trade? would prefer not to setup the lightstreamer if at all possible. thanks.
  3. Team, As per your Streaming documentation, in the Prices channel, marketIds is an array containing list of marketIds that we need to stream. This doesn't work. With one marketId,as a string, it works, but with an Array of MarketID's it doesn't. Can you have a look at it? Prices Description Stream of current prices. Try PRICES.PRICE.154297 (GBP/USD (per 0.0001) CFD) which prices Mon - Fri 24 hours. Stream Info target STREAMINGALL channel PRICES.PRICE.{marketIds} transport HTTP protocol lightstreamer-4 Parameters Name Type Description marketIds array The market IDs for streaming of live prices.
  4. Team, Was trying to get the CITYINDEXSTREAMINGDEFAULTPRICES Adaptor group working. But there is some issue with this Adaptor. I get the below error. Listening Started! Status Alert: CONNECTING Status Alert: DISCONNECTED SERVER ERROR! --> 2 Checked LightStreamer Server Error Code 2. It says 2 - requested Adapter Set not available Can you please check whats wrong with this adaptor. We are using https://push.cityindex.com host with CITYINDEXSTREAMINGDEFAULTPRICES as the LS Client Adaptor. also passing Username and SessionID on safer side. I know Authentication is required for this but even after removing sessionID, username and SessionID+Username nothing seems to work. Please have someone look into this issue. Regards, Aniket