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  1. Hello. How long a session token is valid while using streaming data exchange?
  2. Hello,I have some questions regarding implementation of the GCAPI. I am implementing a REST only client. Please confirm which API call is appropriate forgetting the most up to date price values periodically at ~100 milliseconds. Currently I am making calls to the following endpoints to update the client application. Please advise which is most appropriate or if they are equivalent. Is there a way to get all active sessions for a given user name and app key? During development I have created multiple sessions and they have all been active for about three days now. I would like to delete all client sessions. The documentation states that "You can manually delete a Session token, or leave it to be automatically deleted". The forum discussion also states that "If you close the connection without logging off, then the ID will generally be valid until end of day". But again, I have seen several session tokens remain valid for three days (and counting) which is not acceptable for my client application. An example situation might be: A user logs in and a token is created. Later, the application crashes without logging out. The user restarts the application, and a new session token is created. Now there are TWO valid session tokens active, however, the user can only log out from ONE. Please advise on how to delete all sessions upon logging out. What is the policy for API call frequency? Typically, API documentation has explicit limitations for how frequently you can make calls to a particular endpoint (usually based on the weight of each API call) before the session or IP address is automatically rate-limited by the server. Where can I find this information in the GCAPI documentation? Thanks a bunch for your help.
  3. Hello, After logon API call, I am getting a Session ID which I am using for all subsequent API calls. I would like to know for long is this session valid? I tried using ValidateSession API. It is giving False response even for working Session Id. Document says : this API call response is for the use of the CI Connect social trading platform.