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  1. Hello. We use a java lightstream client with 'RAW' subscription mode to acquire the orders. Is it possible to get the lost orders which occur while the client restart? Kind Regards.
  2. Hello, i want to subscribe to ORDERS channel but i have problems with translating CI documentation phrases to LightStreamer iSO SDK vocabulary. I am already successful in subscribing for PRICES channel. This is how i configured ORDERS subscription: LSSubscription *subscription = [[LSSubscription alloc] initWithSubscriptionMode:@"RAW"]; subscription.items = @[ @"ORDERS" ]; subscription.fields = @[ @"OrderId", @"MarketId" ]; subscription.dataAdapter = @"ORDERS"; subscription.requestedSnapshot = @"no"; [subscription addDelegate:self]; [self.client subscribe:subscription]; I am getting the error that "Group" name is invalid, so i tried changing "items" from "ORDERS" to "ORDERS.ORDERS" but then even without getting error i still get no updates for ORDERS. Can someone help me figure this out?
  3. Hi, This question is relate to order stream: http://docs.labs.cityindex.com/#Streaming%20Data/Orders.htm%3FTocPath%3DCIAPI%2520Reference|Streaming%2520Data|_____4 When editing a stop order's trigger level/price of a trade order, the order stream will only push back the stop order ID. And it will not push back the trade order ID (the parent order of stop order). When editing a limit order's trigger level/price of a trade order, the same thing happen as well. Limit order ID is pushed back. But when you edit a stop order or a limit order's trigger price of an order. The order ID will be push back as well as stop order ID and limit order ID. My 1st question is to find out if my observation (above statement) is correct. My 2nd question is possible to make the order stream to return trade order ID when only its stop order or limit order's trigger price have been changed. Thanks.
  4. Hi, In relate to this topic: http://faq.labs.cityindex.com/index.php?/topic/975-streaming-data-orders/ In the attachment is my code (C#, VS2013) and screenshots. As shown in the screenshot, my code only recevie one order update after placing a trade with limit and stop on CI web platform. Thanks.
  5. Hi, For some reason, the data returned by this order stream is very inconsistent: http://docs.labs.cityindex.com/#Streaming%20Data/Orders.htm%3FTocPath%3DCIAPI%2520Reference|Streaming%2520Data|_____4 Please let me explain what I mean: If I place a trade order with a stop order and a limit order like shown in picture in the attachment file, the orders stream will always push two sets of data to me. The two sets of data could be "new trade order" and "new stop order" info, OR "new stop order" and "new limit order" info. I like to know if this is normal and why didn't it push back three set of data : "new trade order", "new stop order" and "new limit order". Since it seem to me that three orders has been created. Raw data return by order stream: Case 1: "new trade order" and "new stop order" ============================================== 519674241 400616114 400332911 400473108 6 1 false \/Date(1421412694000)\/ 17255.0 \/Date(1421412694000)\/ 1 1 1 Trade Open 1 ============================================== ============================================== 519674242 400616114 400332911 400473108 6 2 false \/Date(1421412694000)\/ 0 \/Date(1421412694000)\/ 1 1 1 Limit Accepted 1 ============================================== Case 2: "new stop order" and "new limit order" ============================================== 519674494 400616114 400332911 400473108 6 2 false \/Date(1421412871000)\/ 0 \/Date(1421412871000)\/ 1 1 1 Limit Accepted 1 ============================================== ============================================== 519674495 400616114 400332911 400473108 6 2 false \/Date(1421412871000)\/ 0 \/Date(1421412871000)\/ 1 1 1 Stop Accepted 1 ==============================================