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  1. I opened my position manually. Now going forward I want to trade by using API. How can I get Order id of my existing open positions and Orders. Thanks and Regards
  2. The New Trade documentation and the API documentation show several conflicting examples of the inputs contained in the NewTradeOrderRequestDTO which are required for a Market Trade Request to be completed. From what I have read the required inputs are : "MarketID", "OfferPrice", "BidPrice", & "AuditID" are required. I assume what is also required is 'Direction", "Quantity" and "TradingAccountID" and "PriceTolerance" which would be needed to place the trade correctly. However do I need to also include "AutoRollover", "QuoteId", "Close", "Currency" and "Reference" ? I am looking for the bare minimum. I see clearly that the Optional parameters are also "Source", "OrderReference" and "IfDone" so I know I don't need those. Thanks,