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  1. My brother and I are both receiving an error message (status reason 160) when trying to placing a trade with our Live Commission accounts. Below is the call and the response of the error. Note that we are able to successfully place an order using a Standard account. Time 03/17/21 01:00:22 PM Message Market Sell API Request Headers {:"Content-Type"=>"application/json", :Session=>"d2852be3-b4c3-4f2d-9947-cb3679ad314d", :UserName=>"d*************"} API Request Body {"Direction":"Sell","BidPrice":1.19021,"OfferPrice":1.19021,"Reference":"GCAPI","AutoRollover":false,"MarketId":401484347,"Currency":null,"Quantity":21004,"PositionMethodId":1,"TradingAccountId":"d*************","isTrade":true} API Response Status 2 StatusReason 75 OrderId 0 Orders [{"OrderId"=>0, "StatusReason"=>160, "Status"=>10, "OrderTypeId"=>1, "Price"=>0.0, "Quantity"=>21004.0, "TriggerPrice"=>0.0, "CommissionCharge"=>0.0, "IfDone"=>[], "GuaranteedPremium"=>0.0, "OCO"=>nil, "AssociatedOrders"=>{"Stop"=>nil, "Limit"=>nil}, "Associated"=>false}] Quote Actions [] ErrorMessage