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  1. Greetings, We are trying to get the Streaming Prices for currency pairs using the LightStreamer Service. The Documentation mentions that Note: the backend servers are currently still using version 5.1.2 of Lightstreamer. You will need to download and use version 5.1.2 of the Lightstreamer SDK until the servers are upgraded to the latest Lighstreamer version. So is this the Server Version or the LightStreamer Client version that we need to use? We tried the latest LightStreamer-Client 7.1.2 and the server disconnects with server error 60 ----this version of the client is not allowed by the current license terms. We tried the lightstreamer-client 6.1.4 which in the NPM registry says compatible with legacy-server-5.1.2, but here we are not able to get the angular app working as the lightstreamer js is not compatible with the ES5 Strict policy. We tried the Lightstreamer-client-web but that also throws server error 60. Please let us know which LightStreamer Client version should we download to get the streaming service up at our end. TIA, Regards, Aniket Kadam