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  1. Hi @Physicsman - I've got another question for you... it's been a while I've recently started getting "Error 429 - Too Many Requests" when submitting multiple newstoplimitorder requests at market opening times. Would you be able to shed any light on - what limits are typically in place on an account (do they differ between consumer / professional accounts?) - what counts towards a 'request' (e.g. is a historical bars request treated equally to a newstoplimitorder request?) - how to find out the current level remaining calls available at any point in time. I couldn't find any mention in the documentation.. - whether it's possible to increase that limit? thank you so much, as always Oliver
  2. Hi I am receiving a yellow card on my API trades order status 8 statusreason 140 "Watch list client" What does this mean? I can see there is also 3 other statusreason codes with the same description. regards