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  1. Hi, Apologies for the long delay - it should not have taken that long to receive a response. It looks as though the responding agent did not understand the query correctly, and is indeed asking you to use the Web platform to view the full account information. I'm sending you a private message with some contact information to progress this query further. Kind Regards. PM
  2. Hi there, Just a few notes/queries. The Postman Web API development tool works with static APIs such as REST, it won't be able to handle streaming data that Lightstreamer sends. You'll need to code up the part of your program that can handle streamed data and use that for connecting to LS live prices. In your attached screenshot, was that a result of sending the connection query to push.cityindex.com ? I ask because the Host line states push.lightstreamer.com. You are correct, your PC does NOT need Lightstreamer server installed or running. LS Server is installed on our price servers and is used to stream out the prices that users will connect and receive. Stripping out everything else leaving the bare minimum to connect. Using Postman just for the screenshots to simulate what your connection should be sending. The following should allow you to connect to LS successfully (once you have the part of your program to handle streamed data written.) Kind Regards, PM
  3. Hello! The "PriceType" parameter used in the API price history calls enables users to select between the ASK / BID / MID price for a market. Since I cannot see which value was used in the API call I can only guess that it was a different one than what the charts are plotting. The charts on the trading platforms also enable users to select between price types. Please check that the same price type is used on the charts and in the API call. As the differences between the prices are roughly the market spread - I'd guess one is different than the other. Kind Regards, PM
  4. ApiMarketInformationDTO MarginFactor

    Hi Garret, Apologies for the confusion. Many of our markets such as these popular GBP and JPY markets are setup tor Step Margin, which is banded depending upon position size. This means it is the StepMargin part of the ApiMarketInformationDTO that should be examined for the Margin information. The response looks similar to the screenshot below, which mirrors how it is shown on the Web platform. Kind Regards, PM
  5. Hi, The API team want to check the interactoin of your account with the API. Please contact Client Services who are able to take your account information and can pass that onto the team for investigation. Thank you for your assistance. PM
  6. Hi, Thanks for the test results. I have asked the API team to investigate and will reply when I have a response from them. Kind Regards, PM
  7. Hi, As Lightsteamer is a third party product, we are relying on their documentation. You can find it at: https://lightstreamer.com/doc A good place to start is with their General Concepts document and then in the Client Development section, find the relevant file for the programming language you are using. The only things you need to change in the documentation are the URL path (push.cityindex.com), your account credentials, and the Stream adapter targets you subscribe to. The adapters/streams are documented in the Streams section of our documentation. Kind Regards, PM
  8. Hello, For these types of queries, please contact client services where they are authorised to take your account details and investigate further. Kind Regards, PM
  9. Hi, Directions on how to use Lightstreamer with our API: To receive streaming prices from the API, a few pre-requisites must be filled: An account on the Live environment. A client UI that can perform the login by creating a session (POST a Session) on the trading API address of the Live environment for the account. https://ciapi.cityindex.com/tradingapi/ (Live). The client UI must then subscribe to Lightstreamer so that it can receive the live prices. Note: subscribing to the real-time data streams requires authentication information to subscribe. The credentials are your account user name and the password is the Session ID received when logging into the REST part of the API. https://push.cityindex.com/ (Live). Kind Regards, PM
  10. Prices for multiple markets

    Yes, the throttle of 500 / 5 seconds is for any 500 calls. 10-15 positions should not generally cause an issue. On our trading platforms we already do something similar when the users clicks the Close All button - this sends a close order for each each position via the API very similar to what you are looking to do. Kind Regards, PM
  11. Prices for multiple markets

    Hello, 1) No, we don't have any calls where the user can pull prices for multiple markets in a single call. Throttling generally occurs when there are a large number of calls within a short time frame: 500 calls within 5 seconds. If you are only calling 15 markets that should be fine. 2) It'll mainly be limited by your internet connection and computer hardware, since each market requires bandwidth and processing power from your PC. The more simultaneous subscriptions you have, the more resources will be used. If you have a fast modern PC and a broadband internet connection, you should be able to subscribe to dozens of markets simultaneously without too much of a probelem. Kind Regards, PM
  12. ClientAccountMargin updates

    Hi, If you have open positions, then the stream updates is dependent upon your account operator. Generally, this will be between 10 - 30 seconds between each update. Kind Regards, PM
  13. Hi, Since the development backlog is an internal system only, clients won't be able to track what is on there. I should also note that the request still has to be evaluated by the backlog owner as to whether it is something the API team will implement - the possibility exists that it could be rejected. The other thing to note is that even if accepted, it will be prioritised against all the other items the team have scheduled currently. Given what they are currently working on, I'd estimate that if the request is accepted, it would be in the order of months rather than weeks. On your account history retrieval, lets check that the account is storing the trade history information and something hasn't happened to it. Please login to our Web Trader platform using your account and open the Reports component from the Workspace menu. Select the More History tab. Enter a "Start" date say a year agao or longer, and leave the "end" date as today. Click Search. Does this procedure return all the trades/orders history for your account from the selected period? Kind Regards, PM
  14. Hi, Not having buy/sell to open flag is not in the API because it was never needed before, or at least was never asked for by anyone until now. I'll pass on this request to the API team whether they could add this in for a future update. Your trade history request should look similar to what is shown below. Note the username and session authentication informatoin is supplied in the header. I've selected a From date 2 years ago of June 2018. https://ciapi.cityindex.com/TradingApi/order/tradehistory?MaxResults=10000&from=1529038800
  15. Hi Jflaggs, In answer to your question: Unfortunately, the answer is you cannot. The historical trade information does not contain anything on the account open position state prior to each trade. No information is given as to whether you were flat in the market or already long 2 for example. The historical trade information is mainly: Buy/Sell placed in market X with quantity Y at price Z along with the time/date stamp for the transaction. Kind Regards, PM