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  1. Watch List Client api code

    Hi Brutsi, Are you using a demo / test account or is it your live real money account? The "Watch List Client" message means that restrictions have been placed on the account, which does not normally happen with test accounts. I do not have access to client account information so cannot check the reason why there are restrictions on the account. Please contact Client Services who do have access to account information. Kind Regards, PM
  2. Hello dg97, Unfortunately no. Once a market is expired it is no longer on our Live databases so cannot be queried via the API. Kind Regards, PM
  3. Watch List Client api code

    Hi Brutsi, Thank you for the details. We'll look into it and reply to you when we have a response. Kind Regards, PM
  4. Watch List Client api code

    Hi Brutsi, Please paste the JSON request you sent and the JSON response you received back. Many thanks, PM
  5. Hello Aniket, The API documentation needs to be updated. The version of Lightstreamer running on our servers is (v7.03). The client development kits (CDKs) matching v7.03 can be download at: https://lightstreamer.com/download/#ls70. You just have to pick the correct programming language CDK to match what you are using. Kind Regards, PM
  6. Best way to know if Market is closed

    Hi Superee, It is the MarketPrcingTimes fields. Since these are Forex 24H trading markets, we've been using a shortcut internally and that is probably what is causing you confusion. DayofWeek 0 is Sunday and DayofWeek 5 is Friday. Since we know that FX markets open on Sunday and close on Friday, we just take the current week's Sunday and Friday dates. The actual Date returned in the field is just today's date and close time of 22:00 hours. We're ignoring the date and appending the 22:00 hours close/open times to the Sunday Start and Friday End dates to get each weeks open/close. Kind Regards, PM
  7. Streaming Data and Historical Data

    Hi Sir Newton, If those are indeed actual price ticks the team will be able to correct it appropriately without losing the data. Kind Regards, PM
  8. Streaming Data and Historical Data

    Hi SirNewton, According to the Pricing team, an erroneous price tick was sent after market close on Friday resulting in the Saturday price bar. The team are working on removing this from the chart database. Kind Regards, PM
  9. Streaming Data and Historical Data

    Hi SirNewton, I'll look into this for you and reply back with our findings. Kind Regards, PM
  10. Closing trade

    Hi SirNewton, When you didn't include anything in the Close field the system should be closing your positions in the order they were opened going from first to second..., rather than closing them at random. Reading through the following link on the rule, it looks as though the NFA's aim of implementing this FIFO rule was to prevent clients from "hedging", which is to have simultaneous offsetting long and short positions in the same market. https://www.investopedia.com/terms/n/nfa-compliance-rule-2-43b.asp Kind Regards, PM
  11. Hi Superee, Check the OrderStatusReason code that is also included in the response. It provides more information on the error and its cause. Kind Regards, PM
  12. Closing trade

    Hi SirNewton, A couple of clarifying questions: Are you a US client? Did you have more than one open position in the same market, and you were attempting to close one of those open positions specifically? The error message you are seeing is related to the case when the answers to both questions above are true. US clients are forced by the US regulator to close positions in a First In First Out (FIFO) order. For example, if you buy GBP/USD, then a little time later add to your buy position, and after some more time buy a 3rd position in GBP/USD. As a US client you must close the positions in the order you opened them. If you try to close say the 2nd or 3rd position out of sequence, then you will receive this error message. If the above doesn't apply to you we can investigate further. Kind Regards, PM
  13. Hi Superee, In the first case, that is referring to any logs the user/developer such as yourself stores on the prices you are trading on. Should not need/want to keep logs on this type of information/transaction it is not required to successfuly use the API. In the second case, it is also referring to the logs (if any) kept by the user/yourself on the API responses received for each call you send. Specifically, you would check the OrderStatusReason code in the response for additional information as to why you are receiving a red card. PS: the API documentation site has been back up for the past couple of weeks so you can go back to user that over the PDF file should you prefer. Kind Regards, PM
  14. Hi SirNewton, Unfortunately I am not able to check any queries related to price discrepancies. Please contact client services who will have the relevant team investigate and reply to you with their response. Kind Regards, PM
  15. Hi SirNewton, The PriceTolerance does not change the prices you see at all. It only affects the potential prices you can be filled (trade executed) at. That is, with PriceTolerance = 2, you are allowing the system to fill you with up to 2 points of slippage, whereas a Tolerance of zero means fill me at the price I am seeing right now only. Were the market price to have moved by even 1 point by the time the server receives your order request then the order request is rejected and no trade is executed. Kind Regards, PM