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  1. Authentication to demo

    Also ... I get the same error on the "test harness" page here: https://docs.labs.gaincapital.com/#Getting Started/TestHarness.htm
  2. I've reset my password and using the current password I still get the following response consistently: { AdditionalInfo: null, StatusCode: 2, HttpStatus: 401, ErrorMessage: 'Sorry, your login has failed|This is because your login credentials do not match our records.', ErrorCode: 4010 } I'm using host: "ciapipreprod.cityindextest9.co.uk" to /TradingAPI/session Method POST with data: var body = { "Password":Password, "AppVersion":"1", "AppComments":"", "UserName": Username, "AppKey": AppKey }; var data = JSON.stringify(body); Should I be posting something else?