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  1. API Limits

    Thanks - does each endpoint have a certain “weigh” or is each API request worth 1 point out of the 500? Basically my account is throttle sometimes when there is little to know activity coming from my user session
  2. API Limits

    Hi @Physicsman, Are the API limits (throttles) based on the IP the requests are coming from or is the 500 per second metric based on the API keys used for the transactions?
  3. Thank you, PM. What is the significance of passing in the BidPrice and the AskPrice? How does that play into the execution here?
  4. Hello, What would I need to do to squash the following error? Endpoint: https://ciapi.cityindex.com/TradingAPI/order/newstoplimitorder Request Body: "{\"Direction\":\"buy\",\"BidPrice\":1.16582,\"OfferPrice\":1.17782,\"Reference\":\"GCAPI\",\"AutoRollover\":false,\"MarketId\":\"401484347\",\"Currency\":null,\"TriggerPrice\":1.17182,\"Quantity\":100,\"Type\":3,\"PositionMethodId\":1,\"IfDone\":[],\"isTrade\":false,\"TradingAccountId\":\"hiddenaccountid\"}" Response: {"Status"=>2, "StatusReason"=>75, "OrderId"=>0, "Orders"=> [{"OrderId"=>0, "StatusReason"=>49, "Status"=>10, "OrderTypeId"=>3, "Price"=>0.0, "Quantity"=>100.0, "TriggerPrice"=>1.17182, "CommissionCharge"=>0.0, "IfDone"=>[], "GuaranteedPremium"=>0.0, "OCO"=>nil, "AssociatedOrders"=>{"Stop"=>nil, "Limit"=>nil}, "Associated"=>false}], "Quote"=>nil, "Actions"=>[], "ErrorMessage"=>nil}
  5. OrderStatusReason Code 67

    Thank you! I suppose the only action i can take is to do one "retry" if I get that error message...
  6. Hello, how can I avoid getting this error? Is this just something I need to run a "retry" on if I see it? Request: { "Direction":"Sell", "BidPrice":1.19999, "OfferPrice":1.21199, "Reference":"GCAPI", "AutoRollover":false, "MarketId":401501530, "Currency":null, "Quantity":18325, "PositionMethodId":1, "TradingAccountId":"FX159010", "isTrade":true } Response: Status 2 StatusReason 75 OrderId 0 Orders [{"OrderId"=>0, "StatusReason"=>67, "Status"=>10, "OrderTypeId"=>1, "Price"=>0.0, "Quantity"=>18325.0, "TriggerPrice"=>0.0, "CommissionCharge"=>0.0, "IfDone"=>[], "GuaranteedPremium"=>0.0, "OCO"=>nil, "AssociatedOrders"=>{"Stop"=>nil, "Limit"=>nil}, "Associated"=>false}] Quote Actions [] ErrorMessage