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  1. Hi, I have tried this on my test account and I get 401 (Session not valid). This, after just logging in successfully? Any ideas?
  2. List Market Information

    Yes thats correct, but different IDs can be used for streaming price data. A bit confusing.
  3. List Market Information

    Just for completion. There are a number of marketIds for each market and depending upon your account different Ids seem to be returned. You need the correct Id (from ListMarketSearch). Interestingly even though an incorrect id (returned from SearchWithTags for example) allows you to stream prices the same id does not work with GetMarketInformation. Many thanks.
  4. List Market Information

    Ive just used one in the documentation although using the ID ive given I can stream price data without a problem. So you think I need to use this process you have given? When I use searchwithtags it works fine and brings back the ID given above?
  5. List Market Information

    https://ciapi.cityindex.com/TradingApi/market/information {"MarketIds":[401166448]} UserName DM797427 Session f3664738-bd24-4a28-a004-8751c3d10335 Content-Type application/json {"MarketInformation":[]} Copied from third party tool. Im using Java HttpClient inside the app.
  6. List Market Information

    Hi thanks, Ive jigged around with headers etc with no luck. All my parameters are correct. Ive used a third party tool to send a Post request with exactly the same result. My account is not live it is a test account. Will this make a difference. Thanks.
  7. Hi, I am trying to list market information for a few market ids. I have included the correct ids in a json array inside a httpPost and I get a 200 response but the response MarketInformation property is always an empty json array. I have tried credentials inside query string and header. Other httpPosts work fine such as login. I can do a searchwithtags httpGet request fine. Is there a problem with this particular service? Thanks.