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  1. .Net C# Lightstreamer Demo

    Hi, I have followed the instructions and could compile and (i believe) connect to the https://push.cityindex.com/ server. However I am getting Exception, this info showing up in Visual Studio 2019's OUTPUT window. Exception thrown: 'System.ArgumentException' in Lightstreamer_DotNet_Standard_Client.dll ===================== UPDATE ========================= I had to change the OnUpdae function in the TestTableListener.cs to match the FIELD NAMES, then the program worked fine. public void OnUpdate(int itemPos, string itemName, IUpdateInfo update) { Console.WriteLine(NotifyUpdate(update) + " for " + itemName + ":" + NotifyValue(update, "Bid") + NotifyValue(update, "Offer") + NotifyValue(update, "Direction")); }
  2. I am trying to get List of ApiMarketDTO for all 28 Major+Minor Forex Pairs. I am searching/calling "market/searchwithtags?TagId=" MarketTagId 80 to 89, 155,156, 147 etc. I get about 200 some pairs, but NZD/CAD is not one of them. I find that NZD/CAD has no MarketTagId that it falls under. Only way to get NZD/CAD marketid is calling "Market/Search?searchByMarketCode=TRUE&query=NZD%2FCAD& I do not understand all these MarketTagId segmentation, as a trader I need the list of all pairs. Anyway, Which MarketTagId will give me "NZD/CAD" pair when calling "market/searchwithtags"? Thank you.
  3. Demo Account Access Denied

    Well, in my case I can log in to the WebTrading using DEMO username/password, however cannot authenticate through API POST url = I get this result:- { "AdditionalInfo": null, "StatusCode": 2, "HttpStatus": 401, "ErrorMessage": "Sorry, your login has failed|This is because your login credentials do not match our records.", "ErrorCode": 4010 }