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  1. Best way to know if Market is closed

    Thank you. I'll try the REST GetMarketInformation call approach.
  2. Is there any simple API call where I just provide the market name to know if that market is closed?
  3. Is there any way we can close all positions using a single API call?
  4. Issues with barhistory

    Yes. that is correct. Sometimes, I received only 5 and sometimes 200. I tried and I cannot reproduce this issue right now. So, most probably it's related to just after markets have opened at 5-6 PM EST. I can try it next Sunday around 8-9 PM EST. There was no pattern. It was just random. My Session was 83f23268-939a-473a-a19f-b5ad31a1b439 (destroyed it now) if it helps figuring out the issue. Time was 11-12 PM EST Sunday (Nov 22, 2020). I can provide more SessionIds if required. Thanks, Ken
  5. When I execute the below URL, https://ciapi.cityindex.com/TradingAPI/market/401437607/barhistory?interval=HOUR&span=1&PriceBars=200&UserName=XXXXX&Session=XXXXXXXXXX I get only 5 results when I have requested 200. I observed this request doesn't always honor the PriceBars query param. It sometimes gives me all 200. I was testing this around 11.53 PM EST Sunday and markets have opened at 6 PM EST for US Tech 100 CFD (the Market in the above case). My assumption is it's only providing me price bars after the market has opened. Is this a known issue? { "PriceBars": [ { "BarDate": "/Date(1606086000000)/", "Open": 11912.1, "High": 11937.8, "Low": 11903.0, "Close": 11934.5 }, { "BarDate": "/Date(1606089600000)/", "Open": 11934.1, "High": 11950.8, "Low": 11928.7, "Close": 11949.6 }, { "BarDate": "/Date(1606093200000)/", "Open": 11949.5, "High": 11954.0, "Low": 11937.0, "Close": 11941.8 }, { "BarDate": "/Date(1606096800000)/", "Open": 11941.7, "High": 11951.1, "Low": 11939.0, "Close": 11944.5 }, { "BarDate": "/Date(1606100400000)/", "Open": 11944.6, "High": 11957.6, "Low": 11942.5, "Close": 11953.5 } ], "PartialPriceBar": { "BarDate": "/Date(1606104000000)/", "Open": 11953.3, "High": 11955.8, "Low": 11949.6, "Close": 11954.3 } } Thanks, Ken