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  1. New order on options

    Physicsman, thank you for your help. I am already using Streaming API, but after subscribing to prices I have to wait for the next tick to appear to receive any data. Currently I can't even display last tick in my interface and I don't know when the next one will appear - doesn't look very well. I assume that there is no way to get the last tick for an option?
  2. New order on options

    Hello, I assume that you are saying that I can't place any limit orders on option markets, only a trade (sorry if I misunderstood, my english isn't perfect :)) Could you explain then how can I place a trade on option markets? NewTradeOrderRequestDTO also requires setting OfferPrice and BidPrice, which I can't get from API.
  3. Hello, I'm trying to send a new order on option instrument via API. I need to set OfferPrice and BidPrice in NewTradeOrderRequest. I usually get it from the GetLatestPriceTicks endpoint, but for options it returns an empty array. How do I get last tick prices for an option instrument?