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  1. Error Code in Live Account

    Perfect.... Yes that's what it was.... I didn't realise the Market IDs in the Live account were different to the Demo account. This now Works. Thanks for your help...:)
  2. Hi Can you Help.... I have a scenario where i have been trading on a Demo account fine. When attempting to trade on a Live account I get the following error code.: 160 - Market unavailable due to local regulations or account restrictions. I have spoken to the api support team and they have checked my account and cannot see any restrictions. The Balance on my account is over the required £5K Are you able to advise what else may cause this error: This is the response i get when attempting to place a trade: { "Status":2, "StatusReason":75, "OrderId":0, "Orders":[ { "OrderId":0, "StatusReason":160, "Status":10, "OrderTypeId":1, "Price":0.0, "Quantity":61625.0, "TriggerPrice":0.0, "CommissionCharge":0.0, "IfDone":[ { "Stop":{ "OrderId":0, "StatusReason":160, "Status":10, "OrderTypeId":2, "Price":0.0, "Quantity":61625.0, "TriggerPrice":1.20731, "CommissionCharge":0.0, "IfDone":[ ], "GuaranteedPremium":0.0, "OCO":null, "AssociatedOrders":{ "Stop":null, "Limit":null }, "Associated":false }, "Limit":{ "OrderId":0, "StatusReason":160, "Status":10, "OrderTypeId":3, "Price":0.0, "Quantity":61625.0, "TriggerPrice":1.20831, "CommissionCharge":0.0, "IfDone":[ ], "GuaranteedPremium":0.0, "OCO":null, "AssociatedOrders":{ "Stop":null, "Limit":null }, "Associated":false } } ], "GuaranteedPremium":0.0, "OCO":null, "AssociatedOrders":{ "Stop":null, "Limit":null }, "Associated":false } ], "Quote":null, "Actions":[ ], "ErrorMessage":null } Many Thanks