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  1. Hi, I am trading on UK web plattform on the market EUR/USD. If I want to place an order, it seems the trigger price of my order must be 0.8 pip higher thant the actual Buy/Offer/Ask price or 0.8 pip lower, than the actual Sell/Bid price. (The actual spread between sell and buy is 1.7 pip) Attached an image about it. It did not report an error if I entered 1.12956, but error is at 1.12957. It means miniumum of 0.8 pip must be below sell price to be able to place a sell order. Is it true ? And if yes, why ? Why I can not place an order with trigger price very near to the Buy or Sell price, i.e. in 0.2 pip distance ? THX !
  2. Hello, I made more trades by web trade surface and on one trade I have seen that it calculated a wrong profit. Attached the list of my trades and I marked with black bars, which I mean, a 2000 PCS sell of EUR/USD. The trade ID739357257 was bought at 1,13713 and sold by ID 739357258 at 1,13613 The differende is: 0,001 = 10 Pip The PIP value of 1000 PCS EUR/USD is 0,09€ So the value of this trade is 0,09 * 2 * 10= 1,8€ But the system shows only 1,75€ profit. Why ? Can it be, that your system does not calculate right, or what causes this difference ? Regards!
  3. Hi, If I use the ListTradeHistory call, the last trades infos are coming, but I do not know, which original OrderID was executed. If I place a trade or an order, I get back the trade OrdeID or the StopLoss/TakeProfit OrderID of an order, but if one of them will be executed, it means, i.e. a buy trade will be sold, in the answer of ListTradeHistory I get back different OrderID, not the same, which was sent me, as I placed the trade or the stop/limit order. How can I know, which original OrderID was executed, if a trade was executed, with a new, not known OrderID? THX !
  4. I mean, is there a http POST or GET request, calling with a specific Order ID and it returns the profit/loss value if the Order ID was executed or telling, on which price it was executed ? THX !
  5. Hi, In answer of ApiTradeHistoryDTO the value ExecutedDateTimeUtc is a string, format wcf-date. How can I calculate from current time this time wcf-date ? And from wcf-date back to readable time ? It seems to be something different, not a Unix Timestamp. Because wcf-date is like: 1591220609317 And Unix time format is like: 1591308000 a shorter number THX !
  6. How can I send you a private message ? Or what is your Email address ? If you check my demo account, you will not see much about it, because it is showing the right Cash, stable. The problem causes the GET https ClientAccountMargin which is returning changing values, even if I have no open trade or order. TXH!
  7. Hi, It is a good idea to solve it with stream, but how can I get the info about, on which price a trade was sold, if I want to make it with http POST or GET ? THX !
  8. Hi, How is this possible to solve following two mechanism ? Variant 1: I place an hedged buy order with a trigger price and setting a StopLoss and TakeProfit prices for it and I place also a hedged sell order with the same trigger price and same StopLoss and TakeProfit prices. So I have a buy_ID and a sell_ID of them. After that, I want to configure the sell order so, that as soon it will be executed on the TakeProfit price, automaticly also the buy_ID trade will be executed (on the current possible price). _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Variant 2: I place a hedged buy trade i.e. on EUR/USD price 1.000, with TakeProfit price on 1.099. (i.e. Spread=0.002) I want to configure this buy Order so, that as soon it will be executed on the TakeProfit price, i.e. 1.099, an other hedged buy (on 1.101) and an other hedget sell (on 1.099) trade will be placed. (I mean on the actual current possible prices) My problem is, if define a 1.099 TakeProfit price for this buy order and I place a hedged buy and a hedged sell orders with trigger price on 1.099 and on 1.101 it is not 100% guaranteed, that these buy and sell orders will be triggered. Maybe one of them will be triggered, the other not and I need a solution to manage, that 100% both buy and sell order will be triggered if the lower buy order was executed on TakeProfit price. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Actually I want to define more hedged buy and sell orders and after I know the Order_ID of all orders, I want to reconfigure all orders so, that if an order will be terminated, a specific buy_ID or sell_ID shall be executed or placed a trade immediatelly at current price. How can I solve this mechanisms with http POST-s ? THX !
  9. Hi, Thx, I understand. If I overide the PriceTolerance i.e. with 200, what kind of "BidPrice" and "OfferPrice" shall I set in the http call ? I mean does overriding the PriceTolerance affect on the "BidPrice" and "OfferPrice" I must to set in the http call ? Or shall I even set them ? My problem is, that: If I get the last bid and ask prices and I want to place a trade at any price, till I send the http request, the bid and ask prices can rapidly change, so my set "BidPrice" and "OfferPrice" are no more valid and I get an error message. THX !
  10. Yes, I am using a demo account, not to risk real money. But there is something wrong. You told me, that on Web Plattform, the Cash changes only if a trade was executed, and requesting the Cash by ClientAccountMargin is taking a time, while in the background it will be calculated, but it seems not be true. I know about it and I am waiting a while, till I expect, that the right Cash value comes also from ClientAccountMargin, BUT! 1. If I have an open position, Cash return value from ClientAccountMargin must stabilise after a while, (you told me), but it do not do that. It is changing after every query, (I ask every second) (During no trade will be executed) 2. If I close all positions, it means, everything is clear and free and I get every second a query of ClientAccountMargin, the Cash value is changing continously. Also after 5 Minuten.(I expect, that after few seconds it should stabilise) but NOT ! (The changes are about between 0,1 - 0,3 Euros, not much, but continously changing !!!) The Cash value on Web Surface is stable. 3. Why is the Cash value getting by ClientAccountMargin different like the Cash value on the Web surface ? I.e. now I have on web surface: 11002,97 Euro stable, not changing, but Cash by ClientAccountMargin return is:11004.09, 11003.26, 11003.12, 11003.02, 11003.54... changing continously, but I have no open positions at all !!! THX !
  11. IN the mean time, since about 1 hour the Cash value on my webtrading plattform is: 11045,76 Euro but the answer from GET https ClientAccountMargin is: 11028,02 Euro. And one more very interesting thing: If I close all orders and all trades on my EUR/USD market and having no orders or trades on other markets, (it means, I have no positions or orders anywhere) the "Cash" value from GET https ClientAccountMargin is changing after every GET request, (which I make in about every second). Why? THX !
  12. It is fine, but if I get from live price stream the bid and offer prices and sending my trade request with them, it can be, that in the mean time, this values will be changed, so my trade request will be not placed and I get an error return message. For this is real better to set the trade with bidprice = last tick price * 10 offerprice = last tick price * 10 ? Which way is the best to set bidprice and offerprice if I accept any current price ? THX!
  13. Hi, I have placed more trades (Forex CFD UK plattform EUR/USD market) and reading in every second by GET https ClientAccountMargin: GET https://ciapi.cityindex.com/TradingAPI/margin/ClientAccountMargin The value "Cash" is on my Web Trading plattform is 11038,70 EUR and it is stable, not changing, during all trades are waiting to be executed, but the return value from GET is: 11054.40 and is continously changing, during the open trades are waiting to be executed. It seems, that the "Cash" value on the GET answer is moving according the current EUR/USD price, but is should not. It must be constant, like on the web plattform, but it is not. Why? What shall I do to have the same non changing "Cash" answer value, getting by https GET as showed on the top of the web plattform ? THX !
  14. Hi, Please describe me, what is the meaning of bidprice and offerprice in the POST: https://ciapi.cityindex.com/TradingAPI/order/newtradeorder What shall I setup for them, if I want to place immediatelly a buy trade order at actual price ? I mean, if I want to set a buy trade position at current price, which price shall I define for bidprice and offerprice ? It seems to work, if bidprice = last tick price * 10 offerprice = last tick price * 10 But I do not believe, that this is the right setting. THX !