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  1. Price Alerts: Post fail

    Thanks for your help. Turns out the thing that I was missing was that I was putting the payload as Parameters. When I moved the data to the body of the json send it worked just fine. I have checked the API docs again, and I note that the documentation refers to parameters, but in this case makes no mention of placing the contents in the json body. Further, the documentation does not provide an example in this case as it does for many other scripts. I have found the examples in the past very useful. Would recommend an update to make that particular reference page a little clearer! Appreciate the help all the same. Your example above is what prompted me to try placing the data in the body. Regards, Bryson.
  2. Hi, Gain Capital API documentation: CIAPI Reference: HTTP Services: Price Alerts. Am able to access PriceAlert json string using GET. No problem. Am NOT able to POST for save, whether updating existing PriceAlert or creating new PriceAlert. (I am able to perform other POST actions throughout API). Have tried changing fields (only one change per attempt): Criterion; Direction; FillRate; Expiry; ExpiryDate; Comment. using Key:Value pairs posting json string in Body Have tried using: Postman VBA Error: 400 Bad Request: {"HttpStatus":400,"ErrorMessage":"Fill rate must be greater than zero.","ErrorCode":12014}. What in blazes am I missing? Regards, Bryson.