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  1. Thanks for help. Another question. It seems I need an AppKey, to access GCAPI as explained here: "The AppKey required to use the GCAPI is sent to you once you have returned the signed terms and conditions of the GCAPI to our Partnerships team" Do I need to do this for the Demo Trading system? Where can I find the terms and conditions of the GCAPI? What's contact details for the Partnerships team? I tried to login, this is the response I received: { "AdditionalInfo": null, "StatusCode": 2, "HttpStatus": 401, "ErrorMessage": "Sorry, your login has failed|This is because your login credentials do not match our records.", "ErrorCode": 4010 }
  2. Thanks. Related question. If I use the GCAPI to send orders on demo account, will I see these orders show-up in the Web Trader browser applciation? That way, I can confirm if my code works.
  3. Hi, I have registered for CityIndex demo account, and I can log into the WebTrader application in my browser, and place demo trades. With this demo account username & password, will I now be able to use it with the GCAPI? I would like to try making software application to get market prices and place orders automatically. But I want to practice in demo setting first. Thank you.