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  1. Hi PM, The problem has been solved. We had forex.com demo accounts and NinjaTrader/Forex.com live accounts. So, we had an issue with the MarketIDs. Thanks to Pavel for locating this issue earlier and your responses which helped us confirm all of the things that were not the issue. Thanks again!
  2. Hi PM, Here's the error: StatusReason=160, StatusReasonText=The system is unable to calculate FX commissions due to missing or incorrect settings. Please contact Client Services.
  3. Hello, I have multiple accounts/AppKeys that I need to maintain connections for which all come from a single IP/server. This seems to work without issue for the demo accounts, but is not working for the live accounts. Is there some security protocol in place for the live trading environment that's disconnecting one live account when another connects from the same IP? Can this be changed or an exception made so that my single IP with multiple AppKeys can maintain connection to the live trading environment for all of my accounts? Or is there some other way I should be handling this issue? For clarity, we're only streaming price data from one account, but we need to stream account data from all accounts at the same time. Thanks in advance for you help!