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  1. Hi Physicsman, Thank you for the response, I can't believe I did not notice something as simple as parentheses instead of equals. After I made the change, the Stream connected immediately and I started getting live data. Thank you so much for your time, Dante
  2. Hello Physicsman It Looks like you are correct its not a login problem. The session ID that I'm using was not the problem either. Typically when I'm testing for lightstreamer the session ID is only a minute or two old. The documentation says it should be good for a minimum of 20 mins as I recall. The reason why it failed to connect in the last post is that I did not use the POST method I used GET. After changing it to POST the postman app was able to connect. So it appears to be something wrong with my code (snippet on the original post). I think that maybe the URL might have something to do with it. Interestingly each time change the URL, enter a valid username and password and nothing else I get a different result in my code. URL: https://push.cityindex.com/lightstreamer CONNECTING DISCONNECTED:WILL-RETRY URL: https://push.cityindex.com CONNECTING DISCONNECTED 1 User/password check failed Does anything standout to you in the original code that would prevent a successful connect to Light streamer and the streaming of prices? Thanks
  3. Hello again, The account in question is a demo account. I have messaged you the user name and password as requested. Thanks
  4. Hello Physicsman I actually got my lightstreamer client from NPM here: (https://www.npmjs.com/package/lightstreamer-client/v/6.1.4). I did not realize that the official website also had the library as well, that is very good to know. I'm starting to think there is a problem with my account. I followed your instructions for using postman and now it's complaining about adapters. Attached is a screenshot. Thanks
  5. Hi Physicsman, My apologies for the confusion. I'm aware that the password is the Session ID, that is what I was referring to when I wrote <Password Hash> in the code. The response from the server after logging in to the REST API is a hash string (I think your documentation calls it a random string). I should have done a better job explaining it. To my understanding, the same session ID that is used in the REST API while the session is active, should also be used for light streamer. Is that correct? If I'm correct do you know of anything else I could be missing? Thanks, Dante
  6. Hello, I'm having some problems with logging into lightStreamer. The error I'm getting is "User/password check failed" Currently, I'm using NodeJS to attempt to get data from the lightstreamer API but I have been unable to do so. Based on the posts from others and the Forex documentation, here is what I have checked for: Forex uses 5.1.2 of lightstreamer server so I had to use an older version of the Node JS client to be compatible ( version 6.1.4 specifically) The username is the one we use for the REST API The password is the one that is requested upon login to the rest API. I'm able to login to the REST API without any problems. I'm I missing anything here? Please take a look at my snippet of code and let me know if anything stands out. Thanks var ls = require("lightstreamer-client"); var lsClient = new ls.LightstreamerClient("https://push.cityindex.com", "STREAMINGALL"); lsClient.connectionDetails.setUser = "<Username>"; lsClient.connectionDetails.setPassword = "<Password Hash>"; lsClient.connect(); marketId = "401484317"; var testSubscription = new ls.Subscription("MERGE", ["PRICE." + marketId], ["MarketId", "TickDate", "Bid"]); testSubscription.setDataAdapter("PRICES"); //testSubscription.setItems(["PRICES.PRICE" + marketId]); testSubscription.setRequestedSnapshot("yes"); lsClient.subscribe(testSubscription); lsClient.addListener({ onStatusChange: function (newStatus) { console.log(newStatus); }, onServerError: function (errorCode, errorMessage) { console.log(errorCode); console.log(errorMessage); } });