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  1. Lighstreamer getting started issue.

    Yes. I am using the latest lightstreamer version. And regarding the error message, there are not messages at all, it just stays blank forever. Let me try with the light streamer 5.1.2 and update you.
  2. Hi, I am trying to get the lighstreamer java se get going but facing some issue. please let me know if anything is wrong with the below code. I am not getting any updates at all after subscription. String[] items = { "PRICE.401484392","GBP/USD" }; String[] fields = { "MarketId", "TickDate", "Bid", "Offer", "Price", "High", "Low", "Change", "Direction", "Delta", "ImpliedVolatility", "AuditId", "StatusSummary" }; LightstreamerClient client = new LightstreamerClient(serverAddress, "STREAMINGALL"); client.connectionDetails.setUser("XXXXXXXX"); client.connectionDetails.setPassword("XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX"); client.connectionDetails.setAdapterSet("STREAMINGALL"); ClientListener clientListener = new SystemOutClientListener(); client.addListener(clientListener); Subscription sub = new Subscription("MERGE", items, fields); sub.setRequestedSnapshot("yes"); sub.setDataAdapter("PRICES"); SubscriptionListener subListener = new SystemOutSubscriptionListener(); sub.addListener(subListener); client.subscribe(sub); client.connect();
  3. order/newstoplimitorder issue.

    ok. thank you very much. that worked.
  4. Hi, I am trying to place an order but not able to getting it to work. Here below is my json. Please let me know what's the issue. url : https://ciapi.cityindex.com/TradingAPI/order/newstoplimitorder { "OrderId":0, "MarketId":401484392, "MarketName":"GBP/USD", "AutoRollover":false, "isTrade":false, "Direction":"buy", "Quantity":10.0, "BidPrice":1.431, "OfferPrice":1.4312, "AuditId":"XXXX", "TradingAccountId":401651554, "PositionMethodId":1, "Applicability":"GTC", "Guaranteed":false, "TriggerPrice":1.4397 } the response I am getting is as below. {"Status":2,"StatusReason":75,"OrderId":0,"Orders":[{"OrderId":0,"StatusReason":8,"Status":10,"OrderTypeId":2,"Price":0.0,"Quantity":10.0,"TriggerPrice":1.4397,"CommissionCharge":0.0,"IfDone":[],"GuaranteedPremium":0.0,"OCO":null,"AssociatedOrders":{"Stop":null,"Limit":null},"Associated":false}],"Quote":null,"Actions":[],"ErrorMessage":null}