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  1. Hello Physicsman, Thank you for replying so swiftly, much appreciated. The Advantage Web platform is indeed showing the unrealised P&L, and it is also City Index indeed. The account in this screenshot is a demo/test account. Kind Regards
  2. Whenever I place a trade via the "order/newtradeorder" uri, I would get (in some markets) a rejection due to Minimum quantity; this ,in most cases, would pose as a fair response. However, it becomes slightly fishy as I have posted the exact same trade request immediately after the first and it came back with an "insufficient funds" rejection, knowing full well I have the adequate amount of funds to complete the transaction. After some further digging, I have found out that if I were to raise the quantity beyond the stated minimum quantity, it actually accepts my request and I would be successful in opening a trade/order. To give you an example, if we take a look at the Germany 30 DFT market with a MarketId = 400616115 ; it can be seen that, after a market query (using the "market/{MarketId}/information" url), the response shows that the minimum quantity is 0.49, to which we originally wanted to place the order. If we were to place the trade with the minimum quantity, it would fail; but placing it at a level of around 0.56 or 0.6 would not be rejected. So this can be broken down to four issues/questions: 1. There seems to be a confusion between the status rejection reasons (8 and 81) 2. How come we can trade in the minimum quantity when it clearly states the number of allowed minimum? 3. How accurate is the "market/{MarketId}/information" url when it comes to getting accurate information about the market? 4. I have also found out that some spread bet markets look wrong, should they not all be in pounds? (screenshot attached)