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  1. null ref on trade response

    TradingAccountID was not populating... That you for your helping out with this order debug. Kind Regards, David
  2. null ref on trade response

    will do .. thanks.. will. check back.
  3. null ref on trade response

    I was placing orders just about a month ago so I don't know what may have changed I am looking at MarketID and OrderID and TradingAcccountID not sure.. I am going to use the test harness to see if I can send a successful order and then replace that data in the C# and send to see what happens.
  4. null ref on trade response

    thanks, I am trying to debug if the Password needs to be updated? But the login for forex.com uses same and those manual orders entry fine.. so not sure if I need to do this now.
  5. null ref on trade response

    I see there is not an updated test code according to the GCAPI site. I will test using the test harness if possible.
  6. null ref on trade response

    Hi PM can you help me? I am logging in okay, receiving session ID I am using the same URL and code for orders which I have used successfully in the past. Order code: var res = client.PostAsync("https://ciapi.cityindex.com/TradingAPI/order/newtradeorder?username=" + _user + "&session=" + _sess, new StringContent(JsonConvert.SerializeObject(mktorder))); I am receiving the following error: 500 (Internal Server Error) TradeOrder.cs client System.Net.Http.HttpClient _user: ******* _sess: 01acd4fc-7111-4499-8381-d47aa6****** _order finished: False _order audited: EF19540021 _order biprce: 1.15995 _order direction: buy _order entertime: 11/1/2021 6:45:41 PM _order offerprice: 1.16005 _order ordered: 0 _order maketname: EUR/USD Exception thrown: 'System.Net.Http.HttpRequestException' in System.Net.Http.dll TradeOrder.cs Deserialize Content Error System.Threading.Tasks.Task`1[System.Net.Http.HttpResponseMessage] Error System.Net.Http.HttpRequestException: Response status code does not indicate success: 500 (Internal Server Error). at System.Net.Http.HttpResponseMessage.EnsureSuccessStatusCode() Can I use a test site to send and debut a test order? Did the order URL change? David Steury
  7. Hi Forex, I have not been using the API in 2021. Has the code changed? Please advise how I can obtain updated API code. I am receiving a null response error when sending an order. I will debug further for more details this afternoon and provide feedback. Otherwise please advise if the API has changed or updated for my account in the year 2021 or late 2020 sometime. Thank you,. David Velocity Systems LLC