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  1. Hi, I have some trouble using GetPriceTicksAfterDate function to get historic price data e.g. for DAX (marketId 401437602), but it seems it is not restricted to this market only. For example I do GET https://ciapi.cityindex.com/tradingapi/market/401437602/tickhistoryafter?fromTimeStampUTC=1613491996&priceType=ASK UTC timestamp 1613491996 translates to Tuesday, 16. February 2021 16:13:16 As a result I would expect some PriceTicks starting around this date. However the first value returned is { "TickDate": "/Date(1618437600290)/", "Price": 15194.5 }, This is a tick from Wednesday, 14. April 2021 22:00:00.290 ! Does anyone have an explanation for that? Are the historic prices available a few days backwards only? Best regards, Frank