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    List Market Information

    Yes thats correct, but different IDs can be used for streaming price data. A bit confusing.
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    I'm the worst hacker of all time. That was it PM, it works. Thanks for your time and for your heroic support in this forum. Steven Almeroth Cleveland
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    Hello Stav, We're looking into this for you and will reply once I have results of the investigation. Kind Regards, PM
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    Hi Superee, Theoretically it could be possible at some point in the future, but not likely or probable at the moment. Kind Regards, PM
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    Hi Physicsman, Thank you for your reply. You pointed me to the right direction. So I was using ''TradingAccountCode' instead of 'TradingAccountId'. I got the latter via GetClientAndTradingAccount. My problem solved. Thanks!! Takashi
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    Lightstreamer Subscription Problems

    Well whether or not you intended it you found it anyway. So for future reference everyone lightstreamer client version 4.2.8 is the one that works here. Thanks for everything physicsman you where great. If you're ever in Ohio I'll buy you a beer!
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    Lightstreamer Subscription Problems

    Hello, We haven't encountered this error before ourselves. A Web Search found a thread on the LightStreamer forums where a user had this problem on Android. In the end it turned out to be a mismatched client to server version. Posting to the LS forum is probably the best chance for a solution to the problem. Kind Regards, PM
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    @Physicsman and Forum Good day everybody, Together with Physicsman we were able to resolve the above issue. Thanks again, Physicsman, for your assistance and determination in finding a solution. For those of you who are attempting to log onto the API using python, please review the following code snippet and result. NOTE language: python, platform: Google Colab RECOMMENDATIONS: 1.) Call customer service to confirm two things: 1.) there are NO security locks for multiple failed attempts on the account you are trying to log onto 2.) confirm you account details (username, password, and AppKey). I discovered that the accounts team accidentally sent me the account number as the username. But they were able to quickly correct this and provide me the correct username. So, make sure to confirm these details with customer service. Once you have done these things, try using the code below: Remember to substitute your credials for your specific account. Code import requests import json url = 'https://ciapi.cityindex.com/TradingAPI/session/' data = {'Password':'XXXXXXX', 'UserName':'DM123456', 'AppKey':'ABC' } response = requests.post(url, json=data) print(response.url) print(response.status_code) print(response.text) Result: Response 200 means successful connection. From the response you can get your session id for other API functions https://ciapi.cityindex.com/TradingAPI/session/ 200 {"Session":"081ei2-awe234322-we23dr-223serrwd","PasswordChangeRequired":false,"AllowedAccountOperator":false,"StatusCode":1,"AdditionalInfo":null,"Is2FAEnabled":false,"TwoFAToken":null,"Additional2FAMethods":null,"UserType":1}
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    Good afternoon, PM. Ok, that sounds like a plan. I have sent my demo account credentials to you via private message. Please keep an eye out for that. I look forward to seeing what you discover. Thanks again, Brent
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    Is there a Stop-Limit order?

    Thank you for your reply.
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    Reson Code 75

    I got the problem, i pass the limit price to the stop price.... Thanks for your help, my mistake
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    Reson Code 75

    I am using demo account and sent the login info to you. thanks